Custom Cue #1

I have always wanted to take a shot at making a cue, and this was my first.

The timber for the butt core and the shaft were imported, while I used locally sourced timbers for the handle and forearm.

Handle is Mallee burl, and the forearm is Mahogony. These were glued to the core with West System epoxy.

Butt sleeve and joint collars are made of Tomahawk. I added some brass rings to dress it up.

Ferrule is capped Juma.

Pin is Uni-loc quick release.

Turned Maple core was grooved to assist adhesion.
Cored forearm was tapped one end to match thread cut in core to give mechanical as well as an adhesive bond. Forearm
Threading core for butt cap. I moved the high speed engraving spindle from my mill to my lathe to cut the threads.
Finished core ready for glue. It is threaded for forearm and butt cap. There is a step down to a smaller diameter for the forearm. Core
Another view of the finished core Core
Handle bonded with West System epoxy. Rings will fit on the parallel section, then the forearm will be glued and screwed to the core. bonded handle
Rings in place rings
Forearm glued in place forarm glued
First pass profiling forearm