Custom Cue #3

I managed to get hold of a really nice piece of Robinia. This is an imported timber with lots of nice grain and character and was used on the forearm.

Handle section is Merbau and the butt cap and joint ferrules are made from Tomahawk.

Rings are Tomahawk, brass, and turquoise reconstituted stone.

Joint pin is Uni-Loc Quick Release.

Shaft is AA+ Canadian Rock Maple, counterbored to reduce deflection, rings to match butt. Ferrule is Tomahawk, and the tip is a G2 medium 12.65mm.

Overall length is 1.5m (59") and weighs in at 538 grams (19.5ozs).

The core was made from radially laminated Canadian Rock Maple. with glue grooves cut. core
Cored forearm tapped to match core. cored_forearm
Merbau handle was bonded to the core with West System epoxy and rough profiled. Handle
Parting off white Tomahawk for rings. rings
Rings were added then all was glued and screwed together. Rings are brass and reconstituted stone. rings
Profiling of the straight taper was quite easy to do in the CNC lathe. profile
Butt was installed in precision collets to drill, tap and epoxy the Uni-Loc Quick Release pin in place. pin installed
Then turned around and tapped for an adjustable weight and brass insert for an extension. Rubber bumper finished it off. tapping
After rough sanding, epoxy sanding sealer was rubbed on and then sanded off to a nice finish.
Mirror finish epoxy top coat was put on with a cloth, levelled with a playing card, then fine sanded and buffed to a really nice high glass finish.
The shaft had been tapered in stages over quite a few months to let it settle. Then final sanded to dimension.
Boring and fitting of the ferrule was next. Tip and fibre pad went on while it was in the collet. tip pad
Rings and joint ferrule to match the butt were added. shaft ferrule
Then the joint was bored and tapped and the brass Uni-Loc socket was glued into place. Then shaft was sealed and waxed. insert
I decided to make a matching extension. extension1
Extension was fitted with a quick release coupling. extension 2
All done! done