The printer came well packaged, and partially assembled.

The build took about 90 minutes, but was not nearly as easy as it was supposed to be!

First test showed that the bed would not home, so I basically stripped everything and rebuilt it.

There is one excellent video on Youtube which I wish I had seen before I began assembly.

Support from the Ebay seller was pretty non-existant, so I sent the printer back and purchased another one from a different reseller.

This was a painful process, and the Ebay seller naixuedecha is not to be trusted. I returned the item and they said it was wrongly connected and only refunded 50% of the price!!! Ebay item said delivered from Australia, so naturally I expected to be dealing with someone in Australia, but this seller is actually in China. Support was almost non-existant. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

I contacted Ebay and explained the problem and they instantly refunded the difference. Full marks to Ebay!

I found another reseller in country, and that was an easy transaction.

The second printer was much quicker to assemble, and it worked perfectly the first time!