Of course a suitable controller is at the heart of any CNC machine.

For this project I have moved away from Mach3. I have previously had some issues with thread quality from Mach3, so I have decided to go with Acorn for this project. An 8000 pulse rotary encoder for the spindle and a Win PC with ethernet are all welcome. Acorn
Once I had all the components to hand, I placed them in the case and moved them around until I was happy with the placement. I made a few sketches for the holes in the case before I began cutting metal. I tried to keep the voltages apart. Cabinet
I was getting some phantom resets which was causing me some grief. I am sure this is because of wires a bit too close together, but my enclosure is quite small. So I am transferring to a larger box.
This is the new enclosure. Lots more room, even a space for a future VFD. Enclosure
Machining the air intake on the cabinet door.