X Axis

First job was to make a ballnut mount small enough to be fully contained inside the saddle. Ballnut mount
A 12mm cap screw secures the mount to the x slide. Finished mount
The saddle was machined to increase X travel and to lower the ballscrew in the cavity. This allows more metal at the top of the mount to help the screw to attach properly. Slide Machining
Ballscrew mount machined to fit inside the saddle. Slide
Ballscrew turned smoothly by hand,
The mounting bracket is attached to the saddle with 8mm socket screws and fitted quite nicely! Pulley Fitted
I was able to use the lathe to drill the pulleys. Drill Pulley
Mounting the motor was quite easy, just needed a spacer to get it inline with the ballscrew pulley. This allowed the motor to sit just below the Z axis ballscrew. Next task is to mount some sort of cover to keep chips out. Motor Fitted
I chose a belt long enough so the motor would sit below the Z axis ballscrew. Belt Fitted
Since the compound slide was removed, I needed to increase the height of the tool post. So, to cover the existing slots in the saddle, I first added a 12mm thick aluminium cover secured with 4 x 6mm socket screws. Slide Cover
A 50mm riser block was needed to get the tool post at the corect height since the compound slide was removed. Tool Post
A plastic drag chain tidies up all the wires! Drag Chain
Last job was to make a cover for the belt. This started out as a 2lt milk container! X Cover