Making Cue Rings

Here is the process I use to make cue rings.

The rings shown are butt rings to fit a 19mm core and are made from of Merbau, the inlays are Tasmanian Oak.

They are cut on my CNC mill using a 4th axis to index between cuts.

I use a high speed spindle rather than the mill spindle as the extra speed gives better slot finish.

After cutting the slots, the edges of the slots are sanded, then epoxy is added and the inlays put in place. A wrap of electrical tape will ensure nothing moves until the glue has set.

Custom Cue #3

I managed to get hold of a really nice piece of Robinia. This is an imported timber with lots of nice grain and character and was used on the forearm.

Handle section is Merbau and the butt cap and joint ferrules are made from Tomahawk.

Rings are Tomahawk, brass, and turquoise reconstituted stone.

Joint pin is Uni-Loc Quick Release.

Shaft is AA+ Canadian Rock Maple, counterbored to reduce deflection, rings to match butt. Ferrule is Tomahawk, and the tip is a G2 medium 12.65mm.

Overall length is 1.5m (59") and weighs in at 538 grams (19.5ozs).

Predator P2 Renovation

This cue came to me in sub-par condition.

The rubber bumper had previously broken off and the owner tried glueing it back on with epoxy. This didn't work, and meant that the weight bolt was covered with epoxy. Then someone tried to get the weight bolt out and burred the screw so it would not come out! So, I managed to soften the epoxy to get the bolt out, then I redrilled the hole and fitted a brass plug for an extension. This is removable to get to the weight bolt.

Metal caps at both ends of butt were scratched and these were buffed out and polished.

Custom Cue #2

This one will be a break cue.

Construction will be similar to #1, but thicker shaft with no hollow forward section, stronger ferrule, and phenolic tip. 

Forearm is Victorian Mountain Ash, and the handle is Merbau, both Australian hardwoods. Core is Canadian Rock Maple.

I will also try and keep the weight down to allow maximum acceleration.


Custom Cue #1

I have always wanted to take a shot at making a cue, and this was my first. It a break cue.

The timber for the butt core and the shaft were imported, while I used locally sourced timbers for the handle and forearm.

Handle is Mallee burl, and the forearm is Mahogony. These were glued to the core with West System epoxy.

Butt sleeve and joint collars are made of Tomahawk. I added some brass rings to dress it up.

Ferrule is capped Juma.

Pin is Uni-loc quick release.