Now that the G540 controller is on the way, it is time to get configuration sorted out.

To make things easy, Gecko have an xml file available for download that should really simplify configuration. You can get a copy here:

This was copied into the Mach3 folder on the controller PC.

Then Mach3 loader was run and this file selected. Then View, load *.lset files and select 1024 screen.

Hopefully, I am now all set to go!

Well, it is not quite a simple as I thought. Mach 3 Mill has a nice tool under the Settings tab. Set Steps Per Unit moves a set distance and you can then measure and input the actual amount moved. Mach3 then calculated the correct number of steps automatically! So, I loaded the Mill screen set by clicking View/Load Screens and selecting the Mill screen.

There are some pictures of how I set up an indicator to do this on the X and Z axis pages. All went well, then I changed back to the Turn screen.