X Axis

I initially ordered a 16mm ballscrew, but when I got the machine stripped down and took some measurements, I ordered another one in 12mm as it will fit the ballnut inside the saddle better. Then, after I had machined the saddle to allow more travel, I ordered a 3rd ballscrew 50mm longer!

Pulleys are geared 1:2.

First job was to make a ballnut mount small enough to be fully contained inside the saddle. A 12mm cap screw secures the mount to the x slide.

The saddle was machined to increase X travel and to lower the ballscrew in the cavity. This allows more metal at the top of the mount to help the screw to attach properly.

The mounting bracket is attached to the saddle with 8mm socket screws and fitted quite nicely!

Next task is to mount the motor, fit the timing belt, and mount some sort of cover.