Ormerod 3D Printer

My son convinced me to buy a kit to print some parts that are just easier to make than machine on my mill.

The Ormerod kit is available from RS Components, and the kit was well packed and complete. Construction was done following the instructions on the website. The build took a lot longer than it should have, but I took my time and made sure everything went together properly.

Since I had built a couple of other CNC machines, I knew what I was looking for. Some of the plastic parts in the kit are junk and I was able to purchase some aluminium replacements via Ebay much cheaper and easier than milling them myself.

Pronterface the software to drive the printer is pretty basic, but the web interface works much better.

The printer is designed so the print sticks to kapton tape applied to the heated glass bed. This is a terrible system. I found that removing the tape and wiping the warm bed with white vinegar encouraged the print to stick directly on the glass.

Here is a video showing a print in progress.